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Smart Board Literacy Center

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Keywords: Alphabet Letter Recognition
Subject(s): Reading, English/Language Arts
Grade K
School: Hoover Elementary School, Neenah, WI
Planned By: Kayla Schumacher
Original Author: Kayla Schumacher, Neenah
Literacy centers in my classroom consist of various literacy activities that groups of 4-5 students of mixed abilities rotate through independently while I am meeting with students for guided reading. The Smart board would offer a new and challenging literacy center for the students in my classroom to benefit from. There are various phonemic awareness games that could be prepared for the center by using powerpoint or a word document. At the beginning of the year when the recognition of student names is important as an early reading skill I would use the Smart board and a word document to have the students recognize the letters of their name [amongst a jumble of other alphabet letters] and drag their letters over to the other side of the document to spell their name. They could then drag their letters back and create the names of peers in their class.
You could use this same idea or format to create a different Smart board literacy center in which the students match the names of their peers to their pictures by dragging the picture to the name or vice versa.
Materials: Short Throw Projectors, Office Suite