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Keywords: Kindle
Subject(s): Technology, Autism, Special Needs, Reading, Information Skills, English/Language Arts
Grades 6 through 8
School: Brecksville Broadview Hts MS, Broadview Hts, OH
Planned By: Dawn Corrigan
Original Author: Dawn Corrigan, Broadview Hts
The goal of this lesson is to enable students with special needs (autism, asperger's syndrome and ADD/ADHD) the access to having books available to them when they need it.

Many times, students have access to books with voice output either on an AAC device or on a computer system. The AAC devices are typically only approved for students that have other learning/vocal limitations, and are also very expensive. For students who do not have access to these devices, they typically can get books read to them on a desktop computer, or may not even be aware that there are other devices out there to aid them with their reading. An objective for this lesson is to introduce a new piece of technology to the students, the Kindle.

Ohio Academic Content Standard: Technology-Benchmark A:Nature of Technology: Discuss ways that technology is linked to creativity and innovation
Ohio Academic Content Standard: Benchmark B: Apply the core concepts of technology in a practical setting -Describe ways that technological systems can be connected to one
Ohio Academic Content Standard: Benchmark A: Analyze technologically responsible citizenship. Discuss how new technologies have resulted from the demands, values
and interests of individuals, businesses, industries and societies.
Benchmark A: Understand computer and multimedia technology concepts and communicate using the correct terminology. Use new technology terminology based on the computer and multimedia technology resources being used.

Students will be able to discuss the needs for new technology.
Students will be able to use a device called a Kindle.
Students will be able to examine, manipulate, and troubleshoot this new device.
Students will be able to explain this new device to their peers.

Amazon's Kindle (3)
Downloadable books
Basic computer vocabulary cards

Begin by discussing ways to be able to read on the go. Encourage students to brainstorm and work in groups. Probe students for their thoughts and feelings on availability of these ideas, and the limitations that each of the ideas have.

Introduce the Kindle to the class, without telling them what it does. Make a list on the board of their ideas. Keep the suspense going until the next day.

Next several lessons will be discussing the capabilities of the device, and how it would be beneficial to them for them either in or out of school. Discuss who else this device would be useful for and why.

Only after discussing the device do we then begin working with the Kindle. Letting them work with the device directly.

After the students are comfortable with the device, they will then be able to teach their peers how to handle the system.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Materials: Electronics, English/Language Arts, Autism, Switch Software, Speech and Language, Hardware Devices
Other Items: 3 Kindle DX's, $489.00 each, total of $1467.00
10 Kindle Books, $25.00 each, total of $250.00