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Keywords: photo story, voice recorder, make a book, digital story
Subject(s): Social Studies, Earth Science, Reading, Early Learning, Geography, Social Skills, English/Language Arts, Science
Grades P-K through 3
School: Penn Cambria Primary School, Lilly, PA
Planned By: Candace Brooks
Original Author: Candace Brooks, Cresson

1. Students will share details of what they know/remember about the topic.
2. Students will share how their ideas changed over the course of the lesson.
3. Students will tell a sentence about the topic.
4. Students will use black crayon and water color paint to create a picture that goes with their sentence.
5. Students will write or copy their sentence onto their picture.
6. Students will share their picture with their classmates.
7. Students will photograph their picture.
8. Students will upload their photograph and save to the appropriate file.
9. Students will use the software "photo story" to begin the digital story process.
10. Students will record their sentence into the digital story.
11. Students will share their digital story with at least 2 other people.

Anticipatory Set:
Review topic using a review web. (With kindergartners, pictures help reinforce ideas and memory of topic.)

After reviewing the topic, students will pick a sentence about the topic.
Then they will create a picture to go with their sentence using black crayon and water color paints.

Students will write or copy their sentence onto their picture and then take turns sharing their sentence and art with the class.

After reviewing camera rules, students will take turns photographing their artwork and downloading it into the appropriate file. (Some students will need assistance)

Students will upload their picture into the program "Photo Story". Once all of the pictures have been uploaded, the students will record their sentence to their picture page.

Once all students have recorded their sentences, they will share their story with at least 2 other people.


Students will share in a large group their favorite part of the project and the most difficult part as well. They will think of other topics that they might want to explore in this way.
Most of these supplies are already budgeted in a school list, however, if you don't have the camera or microphone that can be more than you expected. Perhaps, your district will offer a "loan" of this technology from the middle or high school. This saves you the cost of the equipment, but still allows for you to complete the lesson. You might also be able to borrow equipment from parents and even ask them to stay to help in centers using the cameras!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Anything that you can think of can be integrated into a technology lesson!
It is very important to allow students the time to share their story with others. It would even be a good idea to allow them to explain "how" they created the story.
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, CDs and DVDs, Art Tools, Microphones, Digital Cameras, Memory Cards, Web Page
Other Items: 1 storage card, $30.00 each, total of $30.00
1 digital camera, $150.00 each, total of $150.00
5 black crayons, $.15 each, total of $0.75
1 "Photo Story" downloaded software, $0 each, total of $0.00
25 white construction paper, $.08 each, total of $2.00
4 batteries, $1.50 each, total of $6.00
1 microphone, $25.00 each, total of $25.00
1 set of water color paints, $4.00 each, total of $4.00