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Keywords: photography, layout, publishing, binding
Subject(s): Photography, Technology
Grade P-K
School: Mt Vernon Middle School, Mount Vernon, OR
Planned By: Lorie Croghan
Original Author: Lorie Croghan, Mount Vernon
1. The students are to use digital camera's to take pictures of all of the activities going on throughout the school year. For example; sporting events, school assemblies, special projects in science class, history class etc..

2.Once the students have taken the pictures they will upload them to a folder on the server where the photo's will be available to all of the students who might have a need for them. It works best to have them save pictures in specific folders for easier retrieval later.

3.Then during another work session, the student's will insert pictures from the saved folders onto pages that they are assigned to complete for the yearbook. They may crop, brighten, and manipulate the pictures to enhance them in any way they see fit to incorporate that picture into the page. This will take several days throughout the course of the year.

4. Finally when all students have completed their assigned pages the yearbook is arranged and printed. The students will then collate, bind and sell the final project.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Business: budgeting
Materials: Camera Bags, Digital SLR
Other Items: 10 Digitial Cameras, $300 each, total of $3000.00
10 Camera Bags, $50 each, total of $500.00