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Newspaper on the Civil War

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Keywords: U.S.History, U.S. Civil War, Journalism, newspaper
Subject(s): Social Skills, Writing, Reading, Information Skills, Photography, Social Studies, Spelling, Grammar, Journalism, History
Grades 10 through 12
School: Northside High School, Jacksonville, NC
Planned By: David Cox
Original Author: David Cox, Jacksonville
Objective: Identify and discuss the major events leading to and during the United States Civil War

Use cooperative learning to help understand the material

Use concensus to develop a layout for the newspaper

Materials: Digital Camera, Computer, Publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher

Part 1: Assign the students a list of the events, battles and personalities envolved in the United States Civil War. The students should research the list and use it as part of a vocabulary quiz.

Part 2: Divide the class up into reporters and assign items on the list to the reporters. Have one or two students act as editors and have thme work with the reporter to create the layout for the newspaper.

Part 3: Each reporter writes their article and uses the computer and the camera to develop pictures for the paper.

Part 4: The editors, with the help of the teacher, uses the publishing software to creat a newspaper out of the the articles. The class publishes the newspaper and prints a copy for each student.

Part 5: The students use the newspaper to take a test on the material covered
Materials: Digital SLR, Printers, Social Studies, Authoring and Publishing