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Asexual-Sexual Reproduction

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Keywords: bookmaking, life science, nature
Subject(s): Life Science, Information Skills, Photography
Grades 7 through 8
School: Jacksboro Middle School, Jacksboro, TN
Planned By: Linda Gale Stanley
Original Author: Linda Gale Stanley, Jacksboro
One of our state standards is asexual and sexual reproduction. Plants are the examples to be used here. Students will use the digital cameras in our outdoor classroom to document examples of sexual and asexual reproduction. They will also use the images captured on the print to dissect a flower and find all the reproductive part wihout taking a real flower apart.
Iris the Tennessee state flower-reproduce both ways through sexual-flower and its part and asexual bulbs.
other examples include strawberries.
They will also record gourd and pumpkin to see male and female flowers.
Students will go to outdoor classroom with digital camera.
Objective : To capture images of plants and their reproductive organs.
Each student will take a picture of each of the following:
A flower with both male and female parts
A male flower.
A female flower.
An example of a plant that reproduces both ways. (day lily ,strawberry)
Student will then include these prints in their portfolio of plants and reproduction project.
They will also cut the prints into the different reproductive part of the flower-with print they can enlarge to make the image easily identified.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Printers