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Keywords: Excel, Electronic Portfolio, Powerpoint
Subject(s): Math, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Technology
Grades 3 through 5
School: Harvard Elementary School, Houston, TX
Planned By: John Schaff
Original Author: John Schaff, Houston
Students will use Powerpoint to create a multimedia portfolio of work completed during the year. The presentation will also serve as a yearbook where students will be allowed to import pictures of family and friends as well as narrate descriptions of the contents. Students will begin with an online lesson for composing slides from Learning.com. See specific objectives from that tutorial below. After the tutorial, students will gather for a group review of major objectives in creating a title slide, and students will create additional blank slides for the material to be imported throughout the year. See below.

Students will import excel files created in class of gender breakdowns in each class and use formulas to calculate the gender breakdown for the entire grade level and create questions based upon their graphs which they can share with students in other grade levels
to practice math skills.

Students will also import pictures of themselves during the last
four years of attendance at Harvard to document their growth and
serve as a writing prompt for a slide about themselves.

The focus of today's lesson will be setting up a title
page with student name, portfolio and a picture
along with animation.

Technology Objectives : use a variety of input devices such as mouse, keyboard, disk drive, modem, voice/sound recorder, scanner, digital video, CD-ROM, or touch screen;(A) acquire information including text, audio, video, and graphics; and
(C) use a variety of data types including text, graphics, digital audio, and video.(A) publish information in a variety of media including, but not limited to, printed copy, monitor display, Internet documents, and video.

Online Tutorial: Presentation Basics: Composing Slides
Technology Objectives from Learning.com:
Student learns that presentation software is used to make slide shows on a computer.
Student learns that presentations are made up of a series of slides that tell a story or present an idea.
Student learns how to navigate through a computer slide show.
Student is introduced to concepts of audience and story structure and sequence.
Student begins to understand that a slide show should progress like a story, sequentially, and with a clear purpose or plot.
Student learns to consider audience when creating a slide show.
Student learns to consider purpose when creating a slide show.
Student learns to use slide show previews and other views to evaluate work progress and final product.
Students will burn their portfolio as a presentation to a cd rom and will take the portfolio home with them as a digital yearbook.
Materials: Office Suite, Flash/USB Drives, CDs and DVDs, Point and Shoot, Digital Cameras, Flip Video