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Book Talks- Reading Rainbow Style!

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Keywords: book talk, reading, writing, voice thread,
Subject(s): Spelling, English/Language Arts, Photography, Reading, Writing, Technology, Video, Grammar
Grades 3 through 5
School: Mary Scroggs Elementary School, Chapel Hill, NC
Planned By: Heather Greene
Original Author: Heather Greene, Chapel Hill
Students will film book talks (books they recommend to other readers), like the ones enjoyed on PBS's Reading Rainbow, which we will then be played on our school's morning news program.

Creation should take a couple of weeks, but after students have created a book talk once, they should be able to make more as they're ready to recommend books to readers.

First, we'll watch some Reading Rainbow book talks so students have an idea of what they're attempting to create.

Then, students will choose a book to recommend to other readers. They'll write a brief summary and recommendation like the ones they observed on Reading Rainbow.

We'll use the flip video camera to film students giving their introduction and then use digital cameras to take digital pictures of important pages in the book.

Finally, we'll upload all of our media to voice thread, a "movie maker" website, and students will manipulate it to create the presentation.

I'll pass the url to our media specialist, who will play one each day on Ribbit News, our morning news program.

Voila! Book Talks- Reading Rainbow Style!
Links: Link to Voice Thread
Link to Reading Rainbow
Materials: Flip Video