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The World Without Nouns

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Keywords: Nouns
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Grammar
Grades 4 through 6
School: North Hopkins School, Sulphur Spgs, TX
Planned By: Wendy Nguyen
Original Author: Wendy Nguyen, Sulphur Spgs
Step 1: Students need to be familiar with the definition of a noun. This is completed through a lesson over nouns. Emphasis that a noun is a person, place, or a thing

Step 2: Once students understand the definition of a noun, have each student take a picture of themselves doing an activity. Make sure they understand that another noun needs to be in the picture with them.

Step 3: Upload the pictures to the computer. Have the students go into Adobe Photoshop or other photo program. In Photoshop the students will take the brush tool and color out a major noun (person, place or thing) in their photo. Have the students Save As, so they will still have the original picture.

Step 4: Students will then go into Keynote or Powerpoint. they need to create two slides. One using the original picture and one using the edited picture.

Step 5: Original slide should have the picture and a sentence that states what is happening in the picture. Have the students highlight or underline the nouns in the sentence.

Step 6: Edited slide should have the picture and a sentence that states that the activity could not longer happen because that noun does not exist. Example: If there were no nouns, Savannaha could not hug Mrs. Potts because Mrs. Potts would not exist.

Step 7: Once all students have created their slides, transfer them to one computer and create a Podcast using all the students slides.
Have the students complete a worksheet over nouns to check for understanding.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Art Tools, Podcasting