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Colors colors what do you see?

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Keywords: language literacy, reading, art, colors
Subject(s): Reading, Special Needs, Art, Photography
Grade P-K
School: H Winship Wheatley Center, Capitol Hgts, MD
Planned By: Linda Mitchell
Original Author: Linda Mitchell, Capitol Hgts
Ireally like the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr.,Eric Carle, and I teach it often in my classes of 3-5 year olds. Here is a lesson plan that is a great review of the book, and colors. You will need the book Brown Bear, Digital camera and photo album, color printer
1. Warm up the kids- sing a song, etc.

2. Read Brown Bear to the kids, try to get them to read along, or repeat after you if you can.

3. Hand out the digital camera , after reviewing all the colors with the students. You can have them repeat after you, or if they are older ask them, “What color is this?”

4. The students will walk around with the teachers and look up in the sky, the teacher will say I blue sky blue sky what do you see ? and the students take a picture and say I see a blue sky looking at me, repeat green grass green grass what do you see?students say I see the green grass looking at me and take a picture. and explain to the students that you are going to ask them to color and continue to all colors are represented.

5.The teacher and students will print out the pictures. Ask the students, “Please place you pictures in their album .” You may need to help them.

This is a fun exercise, and the kids really enjoy it. Have them read their album to you.
Have fun!

Students will love using the technology
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
You may use for motor activiity and music activity
Student will do a video presentation with their albums they made
Materials: Reading, Camera/Video Accessories, Video Cameras, Early Learning
Other Items: 4 digital camera, $200.00 each, total of $800.00