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Elemental Photography

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Keywords: Chemistry, Elements, Element Photography
Subject(s): Science, Chemistry
Grade 8
School: Meadow Elementary School, Benson, NC
Planned By: Donna Price
Original Author: Donna Price, Benson
Students are taught about atomic structure (nuclues, electron cloud, electrons, protons, neutrons, atomic mass, atomic number). They then learn about the periodic table, the elements, the trends of the periodic table.

Once they have mastered these concepts , they then complete Elemental Photography project.

The elemental photography project consists of the students walking around campus taking pictures of items that have certain elements in the object. For example, the teacher might designate that they are to look for something with the element has has an atomic number of 6. The students have to use their periodic chart to find out which element they are looking for. Then, they are to take pictures of the different items they have found on their scavenger hunt.

Next, they will go to the computer teacher's room and download the pictures and design a powerpoint describing each object and the element(s) that are in that object along with information from the periodic table.

Finally, the students present their projects to the class.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
They can also use in art.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Short Throw Projectors, Projector Screens, Hard Drives, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Memory Cards, Power, Keyboards, LCD Monitors, Mice, Middle, Slideshow