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Digital Art Show

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Keywords: Photography, Art Show
Subject(s): Special Needs, Technology, Art, Photography
Grades P-K through 12
School: Augusta Evans School, Mobile, AL
Planned By: Ann Nelson
Original Author: Ann Nelson, Mobile
1. Students will learn how to take photographs using a digital camera.
2. Students will express their creativity by taking pictures on their own from their perspective.
3. Students will select their favorite pictures for the digital art show.

1. Digital cameras
2. Photograph paper for the color laser printer
3. Frames for pictures

Lesson Plan:
1. The teacher will show students how to use the digital camera.
2. Students will practice in the classroom the steps to using the camera correctly. The
teacher will monitor the students to observe their use of the camera for correct use.
3. The teacher will take the students on a walk outside, around the school or to a specific
location to take photographs.
4. The students will return to the classroom to download the pictures onto the computer.
5. The students will view their work and discuss their pictures with the class.
6. On another day, the teacher will take the students to another location to take pictures.
The same steps will be followed to view the pictures and discuss. This should be done
for several days before the students will select pictures for the Digital Art Show.
7. The students will select a few of their favorite pictures for the Digital Art Show. The
pictures will be printed and framed.
8. The pictures will be put on display in a local store or shop for people in the community
to view and enjoy. The students and their families can also go to view the pictures.
9. Several classes can do this activity to create a larger showing of pictures to display
from the school.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This activity can be done with specific ideas directed by the teacher for math and science. The teacher can have them take pictures that have a specific number of items, shapes, sizes, measurement and more. Science can be about nature. plants and the environment.
The students will show their digital art at the show.
Materials: Hardware Devices, Point and Shoot, Digital Cameras