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Keywords: advertising
Subject(s): Art, Video, Social Skills, Technology, Writing, Information Skills, English/Language Arts
Grades 6 through 12
School: CICS Avalon, chicago, IL
Planned By: amy appleman
Original Author: amy appleman, chicago
Time span- about 10 class 45 minute class sessions
Class 1- Start off your discussion on advertising by putting up 10 product logos with the name of the products taken out. Students will see how many products they can identify by the logos (ex- golden arches=mcdonalds). Discuss the impact advertisments have on our every day lives. Where and when and in what forms so you see ads?

Class 2- Students will create a drink (juice, water, or soda) lable. Students must brainstorm a product name, slogan, logo, and target audience. Class two is a brainstorming session

Class 3,4,5- Discuss different fonts and the impact they have on a product. Students must bring in an empty bottle to use for their lable. Students will sketch out, measure, and color their lables and adhere to their bottles.

Class 6- Introduce students to another advertising medium by watching a series of commercials. Discuss the commercials; what eye catching tactics were used? Was there a jingle or slogan used? Who was the target audience?

Class 7,8,9,10- Students will break up into small groups and choose one group members drink to promote through commercial. Discuss team working skills and assign jobs such as director, actor, set designer, and so on. Students will story board their commercial as a brainstorming and planning method. Shoot commercials and view them on last day of project.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This project involves writing, language arts, team building, technology, and art
Students will learn how to critique each others work by watching commercials and using the advertising vocabulary to discuss peers work.
Materials: Flip Video
Other Items: 2 flip video cameras, $149.00 each, total of $298.00