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Ancient Greece Podcast

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Keywords: Podcast Ancient Greece
Subject(s): Social Skills, Technology, Autism, Dyslexia, Podcasting, Special Needs, Writing, Social Studies, Drama, Speech and Language, History
Grade 7
School: Riverside Middle School, Watertown, WI
Planned By: Sue Will
Original Author: Sue Will, Watertown
This lesson was designed as a culminating project allowing students to creatively demonstrate what they learned about Ancient Greece.

Students were put in groups to research and to write a script for the newscast. Each newscast included an introduction, an entertainment or leisure, a news story about government or a world affair, an interview with famous person from Ancient Greece, a news story about an invention or contribution from this time period. Commercial Idea for product or service that could have been available in Ancient Greece. For the presentation of this information, they needed to provide this through a modern day television interview show.

The students were really excited about learning. They enjoyed playing different roles. Some students were stronger writers, some enjoyed the acting best, and others preferred the behind the scenes work of editing the podcast with help of software and a lap top. All students were instructed to be part of the project and all students were to involved in how to produce the podcast and played a role final project. This project really provided an opportunity for students to show off some of their talents that are not always emphasized in a traditional learning environment.

Below is a planning page given to the students.

Ancient Greece Podcast Planning Page

Use chapters 9-12 in your textbook, any other assignments you may have had on Ancient Greece and the internet to help you create a podcast.

Use the Rubric and the Outline below to help you plan your project

Remember when writing your script you may need to include the 5 Ws ; who, what, where, when and why.

1. Introduction

2. News story on entertainment or leisure

3. News story on government or world affairs

4. News interview with famous person from this time period

5. News story about an invention or contribution from this time period.

6. Commercial Idea for product or service

Students were very excited about learning. Students of all learning styles and abilities could play a role in development of the project.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
English/ Writing-script
Drama/ Speech-podcast preformance
Technology-recording, editing, downloading and saving the podcast.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Digital Voice Recorders, Microphones, Headsets, Flash/USB Drives, Writing, Middle, Social Studies, Word Processor, Integrating Technology, Hardware Devices