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Gingerbread Math

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Keywords: Gingerbread, addition
Subject(s): Math
Grades K through 2
School: Gardendale Elementary School, Gardendale, AL
Planned By: Rebecca Thompson
Original Author: Rebecca Thompson, Gardendale
Objective: Students will solve addition facts to help build a gingerbread man.

Materials: Document Camera, addition facts cards (as easy or difficult as you want them to be for your class), gingerbread house picture with windows and doors cut out so that they open, selection of small items you could use to decorate a gingerbread man, gingerbread man cut-out

Preparation: Label the doors and windows of the gingerbread house with the answers to your addition problems. Place one of items that you will use to decorate the gingerbread man behind each door or window. (You may want to make sure that you have enough items for everyone in your class to have a turn or have 2 houses prepared.) Place the house and the gingerbread cut out on the document camera so that they are both visible to the class.

Procedure: Choose a student to play first. Have the student choose an addition card and answer the question. If the student answers correctly, they get to open the door on the gingerbread house which corresponds with the answer to the addition problem. The student then gets to place the decoration under that door on the gingerbread man. Keep playing until all of the materials have been used.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson coordinates with the book The Gingerbread Man or the Gingerbread baby. It is an excellent way to incorporate a math lesson into a reading of this book.
Take photos of the different gingerbread men created and compare and contrast the placement of the items.

Materials: Digital Cameras
Other Items: 1 Portable Document Camera, $449.99 each, total of $449.99