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Keywords: Social Story for requesting help in a classroom setting.
Subject(s): Video, Social Skills, Autism, Special Needs, Writing, English/Language Arts, Speech and Language
Grades K through 12
School: North Ogden Elementary School, Ogden, UT
Planned By: Marla Bailey
Original Author: Marla Bailey, Ogden
1- Student and Speech-language pathologist will brainstorm and discuss scenarios that occur in the classroom in which asking questions for clarification and understanding from the teacher is helpful for learning.
2- With help from the speech-language pathologist, the student and SLP will script a social story outlining the steps of asking questions and requesting information.
3-The student and SLP will use a video recorder to record 2 different scenes.

A. Scene one will have student sitting in the class while the teacher is presenting information the student does not understand. The student will act out not raising hand to ask for help in understanding the new information. The student will then be given a worksheet coordinating with the lesson the teacher just taught and demonstrate not knowing what to do. Student may also demonstrate emotion associated with frustration and confusion about assignment.

B. Scene two will have the same student sitting in the class while the teacher is presenting a lesson. With appropriate timing, the student will raise hand and ask scripted question asking for help.

4- The student will participate in making a DVD of the social story for home practice.
5- Repeated practice viewing social story video will take place until student begins generalilzing skill into the regular classroom setting.
Additional social scripts may be added to DVD as needed to create a social learning library of information for the student.
Materials: Flip Video, CDs and DVDs, Tripods, Batteries, Autism, Speech and Language