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8th Grade Science End of the Year Flip Video Review

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Keywords: Science Unit Review
Subject(s): Science
Grades 6 through 8
School: Nixa Middle School, Nixa, MO
Planned By: Lori Munhollon
Original Author: Lori Munhollon, Nixa
As an end of the year review tool students will be divided in to 7 groups. Each group of 4 will have assigned roles. #1 Director- will be in charge of leadership and direction #2 Researcher- will keep the group on task with regard to the unit of study. #3 Actor- will have the main role in performance. #4 Editor- will be responsible for review of video.

Students will be assiged one of the units of study:

Plate Tectonics
Rocks and Minerals
Weather and Water

Each team will create a 10 minute video demonstrating an understanding of their assigned unit. As a class we will view each video and students will offer peer reviews.
Materials: Flip Video, Networked Projectors, Video Tools, Internet Services
Other Items: 8 Flip Videos, $129.99 each, total of $1039.92