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A Brief History of NY...by class 401

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Keywords: drama, acting, play, writing, english language learners, ESL,
Subject(s): Technology, Geography, Writing, Music, Reading, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Drama, History
Grades 3 through 5
School: PS 278, New York, NY
Planned By: April Tulimiero
Original Author: April Tulimiero, New York
Pre Learning- We visited a real Wigwam in a park near our school. We asked questions about the materials used to build wigwams. We also learned about what the Native Americans of New York were like...we wanted to know about their food, lifestyle, clothing and traditions.

During Learning - We did research about the Native Americans of New York. We used our textbooks, classroom library, encyclopedia and the internet. Finally, we wrote ACT I of "A Brieft History of New York". ACT I is all about what we learned about the Natives. Act II will be about the colonists arriving in New York. We intend to write one act for each unit that we study in Social Studies this year!

Post Learning - We would love to perform our play in front of the WHOLE school. So far we have performed ACT I for some teachers, administration and the other 4th grade class. We are registered on 'digital wish' so that we can video our performance and post it on our class website for students and family members all over the world to see!
Materials: Video Cameras, Flip Video, Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Flash/USB Drives, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Elementary