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Digital Nature Journaling

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Keywords: Adapted books
Subject(s): Art, Early Learning, Special Needs, Photography
Grades P-K through K
School: Project Enlightenment Pre-Kdgn, Raleigh, NC
Planned By: Dawn Mak
Original Author: Dawn Mak, Raleigh
Students will create a digital journal every week using adapted technology (picture symbols) that depict the focus for the week, (i.e. colors, shapes, sizes, textures, senses, etc.)
The teacher will introduce the focus for the week and provide a few samples of items that the children may see. The children will go outside to search for items that depict the focus. The teacher and the students will share in the taking of the photos. It will be important to take pictures of the children investigating and exploring the outdoors. The children will collect some items, others will be photographed using the digital camera. The items collected will be brought into observe and classify, before photographing. A description for each photograph will be supplied by the students during whole class discussion. Picture symbols will be used to adapt text of each description. Each book will be bound and placed in the outdoor learning environment for ongoing reading.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Microscopes, Early Learning