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SKYPE PALS Project Share NC

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Keywords: Spanish, Digital Storytelling, Social Studies, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Foreign Language
Subject(s): Civics, Drama, Journalism, Grammar, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Information Skills, Reading, Writing, Podcasting, Geography, Technology, Speech and Language, Social Skills, Video, Foreign Language, History
Grades 4 through 12
School: Whitaker Elementary School, Winston Salem, NC
Planned By: Leah O'Neal
Original Author: Leah O'Neal, Winston Salem
SYPE PALS Project Share NC

1.) To use Skype and digital storytelling technology such as Flip Video cameras to communicate and exchange cultural and language information with a Latin American country.
2.) To describe school life, family life, typical foods/meals, holidays/celebrations, leisure time activities, geography and climate of North Carolina
3.) To compare and contrast life in North Carolina with life in Latin America.

This project would be especially suitable for Grades 4 and 5 as it addresses North Carolina Standard Course of Study objectives.

Essential Questions:
1.) How are our lives different from and/or similar to our Skype Pals?
2.) How does the climate and geography affect Skype Palsí lives? How are climate and geography different?
3.) What effects do culture, climate, and geography have in Skype Palsí lives?

Project Components:
1.)Engage/Activate prior knowledge/Build context regarding Latin American country, Skyping, and Digital Storytelling -Teach lessons that introduce students to skyping and digital storytelling. Conduct some preliminary research about Skype Palsí country.

2.) Introduction: Conduct introductory Skyping session with Skype Pals in which
students and teachers collaborate to plan the project.

3.)Create Digital Presentations about life in North Carolina using Flip Video Cameras and Podcasting Technology. Students collaborate and utilize all communication/presentation skills in order to create brief presentations about life in North Carolina. Topics include the following: School Life in North Carolina, Family Life in North Carolina, Typical foods/Meals, Leisure Time, Holidays/Celebrations, Geography/Climate, Final Presentation of similarities and differences between North Carolina and the Latin American country using Venn diagram.

4.)Share/Discuss Digital Presentations with Skype Palsí on the Worldwide Web. Students utilize Skype and such media sharing sites as Google Wave, Teacher Tube, and Windows Live Workspace.

5.)Share Project Skype Palsí project with the community.
Students and parents come together on a culminating evening in order to watch and discuss the Skype Palsí project documentary and to experience typical food and music from the Latin American country.

We already have Chile lined up as our Skype Pal. We have a student in our school who has recently arrived from Chile, and we plan to skype with her school, Newton College.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Almost all areas of the curriculum are addressed in this project.
Follow up monthly or yearly with the same school.
Links: Link to Skype in Schools at PB Works
Link to the Flat Classroom Project
Link to Skype-in-the Classroom
Link to Skype in the Classroom at Wordpress
Link to Skype tutorials
Materials: Foreign Language, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Mobile Labs, Podcasting
Other Items: 1 Dell Classroom Netbook-Latitude 2100 with Bundled Accessories, $634.94 each, total of $634.94
1 AVerMedia AVerVision 300 AF+ Document Camera, $699.99 each, total of $699.99
1 NEC Display NP 510W Multimedia Projector, $999.00 each, total of $999.00
1 Podcasting Mobile Lab, $3450.99 each, total of $3450.99