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Dewey Decimal Rap

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Keywords: Dewey Decimal System, rap, information skills, library skills
Subject(s): Information Skills
Grades 5 through 6
School: Syre Elementary School, Shoreline, WA
Planned By: Jennifer Altena
Original Author: Jennifer Altena, Shoreline
Students will work in pairs or groups of three to examine the non-fiction section of the library. Being familiar with the numbering system, and understanding that it is called the Dewey Decimal System, students will complete a worksheet. The worksheet will ask students to identify 4 different books from their assigned section and will ask students to come up with a general description of the types of books found there.

After this task is complete, students will participate in a whole-group discussion about the Dewey Decimal System via a Power Point presentation by the librarian. Comparisons will be made between the descriptions that the students have come up with and the correct classification of each section by Melvil Dewey.

Students will be shown a rap video from Teacher Tube called "The Dewey Decimal Rap". The website URL is (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHiUQb5xg7A)

Students will work with their groups to create a rap about the section they have been studying. (If students do not want to create a rap, they may create a song or poem instead.) When the raps are finished, the librarian will videotape each group and create an iMovie that can be shown to younger students learning about the Dewey Decimal System.
Links: Dewey Decimal Rap
Materials: Video Cameras, Camera/Video Accessories, Video Tools