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Breaking Color Barriers

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Keywords: scientific method, civil rights, martin luther king, color barrier
Subject(s): History, Civics, Science, Social Studies
Grades 3 through 5
School: Notre Dame School, Vacaville, CA
Planned By: Maureen Jackson
Original Author: Maureen Jackson, Vacaville
Title: Breaking Color Barriers


1. Students will learn the scientific method.
2. They will learn that brown eggs and white eggs are the same inside.
3. They will understand all human beings are created equal.

Anticipatory set:

Question: Are brown eggs and white eggs the same inside?

With the use of a document camera, show the class four eggs (2 brown and 2 white). Ask the class how they are different.


1. Have the students make a hypothesis whether they think the brown eggs are the same as the white eggs.

2. Procedure:
a. Have the students get into small groups. Give each group 2 white eggs and 2 brown eggs, and a small bowl.

b. Have each student crack open an egg and place it in the bowl.

c. Ask the students to write down their observations: Do the eggs look different? Do the eggs smell different?

d. Describe what they see.

3. Use an overhead projector to demonstrate how they will record the data (see attached sheet:
a. Draw what was in each egg.

4. Observations: Record on their sheet.
a. Have the students write about what they saw as they cracked each egg into the bowl.

b. Have the students whisk the eggs together. Ask, “Can you see any difference between the eggs?”

5. Have the students write down their conclusions.

Have the students listen to Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech by podcast (YouTube). Have a class discussion about his speech and relate it to the egg experiment.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
use with science lesson
Links: Link to "I Have a Dream" speech
Materials: Projector Screens, Portable, Whiteboards
Other Items: 1 document camera SMART Document Camera 280, $849 each, total of $849.00
1 video projector Portable Classroom Projector CP-X201, $900 each, total of $900.00
1 laptop Dell Classroom Netbook - Latitude 2100 with Bundled Accessories, $634 each, total of $634.00
1 SMART Board 680 - 77" Diagonal, $1399 each, total of $1399.00