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Reviving the Renaissance

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Keywords: English, Drama, Technology
Subject(s): Art, Video, Technology, Geography, Writing, Animation, Music, Reading, Photography, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Spelling, Grammar, Science, Drama, History
Grades 7 through 12
School: Camden High School, Camden, NY
Planned By: Kari Carpenter
Original Author: Kari Carpenter, Camden
Essential Question for the Multimedia Project: How can students use the internet to create learning in the classroom?

Activating Strategy: (Learners Mentally Active) Students will need to brainstorm and list any words, draw any images, etc, that come to mind when hearing/seeing the word 'renaissance'.

Acceleration/Previewing: Vocabulary Practice - William Shakespeare, The Globe Theatre, Sonnets, Soliloquy, Aside, Rhyme, The King's Men, Lord Chamberlain's Men, Tragedy, Comedy, History

Teaching Strategies: Students will be using the computers available to research their topic. They will be creating a slideshow including images, vocabulary, key facts, and research supporting their findings. Using the Mimio Notebook or Powerpoint tools, students will make their projects engaging and creative. Students are required to use one type of interactive software during their presentation. (interactive quiz, jeopardy, puzzlemaker, mimio tools)

Distributed Guided Practice/Summarizing Prompts:
Students will be handing out a 5-10 question comprehension assessment to the class at the end of the presentation. This will assess how well the class paid attention and how informative the project was.

Summarizing Strategies: I will grade both the presentation and student generated quiz made for class.
Materials: Mobile Labs, English/Language Arts, Reading, Literacy, Writing
Other Items: 25 Mobile Lab