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imovie-ski trip

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Keywords: moive making
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Writing, Photography, English/Language Arts, Spelling, Grammar
Grades 4 through 12
School: Clearbrook School, Clearbrook, MN
Planned By: Laura Dahl
Original Author: Laura Dahl, Clearbrook
Students will be put into groups and create a picture story of the ski trp.

Students will take LOTS of pictures of the class trip!

1. Choose the digital picture of the trip and put them into the storyboard on imovie.
2. Arrange the pictures to create a story of the day.
3. Write a naration on what happened in the sequence of the pictures on your story board.
4. Add sounds and transitions to the storyboard.
5. Add a title page and credits for the storyboard.
6. Record the naration of your story to the storyboard.
7. Save the imovie.
8. Burn the movie to a DVD
Materials: Digital Cameras, Microscopes, Computer Accessories, English/Language Arts, Office Suite, Keyboarding, Web Page, Clip Art, Animation, Video Tools, Music, Sound Libraries
Other Items: 8 Computers, $1200 each, total of $9600.00
5 Digital Camera, $100 each, total of $500.00