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I Have A Dream

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Keywords: Poetry, I Have A Dream,
Subject(s): Video, Writing, Reading, Social Studies, English/Language Arts
Grades 2 through 5
School: Fairmeadow Elementary School, Palo Alto, CA
Planned By: Penelope Sanders-Jones
Original Author: Penelope Sanders-Jones, Palo Alto

I Have A Dream

Learning Objectives
Second Grade and Fourth Grade Buddies will collaborate to complete this project.

Students will:
• Use the Flip Video with computers to film, edit, and post to the Internet.
• Develop critical thinking and writing skills.
• Analyze literature.
• Develop oral and written communication skills
• Self and peer assess in the areas of critical thinking, writing, and communication.
• Develop a personal understanding of being a responsible citizen locally and globally.
• Memorize poetry.

Lesson One
Fourth grade students will have Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech read aloud to them. They will discuss what the speech meant in in it’s time and what it might mean now to them.
Each child will be given a piece of the abbreviated speech to memorize. As a class, the fourth graders will present their version of the “I Have A Dream” speech. This will be filmed and posted on the class blogsite.

Lesson Two
Second grade buddies will hear the picture book “I Have a Dream” read aloud to them. They will discuss what the speech meant in in it’s time and what it might mean now to them. They will them watch the video of their 4th grade buddies orally presenting their version of the speech.

Lesson Three
Together(4th and 2nd grade classes) we will discuss what we all think would make our world a better place, what would make our school a better place and what might make our neighborhoods and households a better place. Each child will meet with their cross-grade level buddy and each will write ten “wishes” that they have for their world.

Lesson Four
Martin’s Big Words will be read aloud to the classes together. We will discuss what Martin Luther King thought were the big words he could use when he grew up to change his world. We will discuss how each child could use those same big words to create “wishes and dreams” for their own world. As cross-grade level buddy teams, they will write three new “wishes and dreams.”

Lesson Five
Each cross-grade level team will chose those “wishes and dreams” from their lists that they believe are the most important or the most unique to orally present to the classes. As a group, the kids will collaborate in deciding which “wishes and dreams” will be used in their own “WE Have a Dream” speech. Each pair or individual will memorize their part of the speech.

Lesson Six
Each buddy will film their counterpart presenting their part of the speech. All components will be downloaded to one classroom computer where teams of children will have the opportunity to edit and then post to the classroom blogsite, one single, fluid presentation of their speech.

Flip Video Cameras and accessories
iMovie Software

Students will:
• Have a better understanding of Martin Luther King Jr.’s impact on America
• Understand that they have the ability to affect change in their world both locally and globally
• Improve their communication skills, both oral and written
• Improve their social interaction skills
• Learn to use a camcorder and editing software
• Learn to complete a video project from inception to presentation

Materials: Flip Video, Writing
Other Items: 5 Flip Video Ultra, $149 each, total of $745.00