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Different modes of Understanding Description

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Keywords: poetry, description, photography
Subject(s): Writing, Reading, Photography, English/Language Arts, Journalism
Grades 7 through 12
School: Bronx Sch for Law-Gov-Justice, Bronx, NY
Planned By: Eric Canlas
Original Author: Eric Canlas, Bronx
goals of the lesson
- looking at the understanding and appreciation of poetry and description through different modalities
- visualization in literature
- shifting perspective in the world

AIM: Today's focus: Reading: "How can we truly visualize poems and descriptive writing?"

DO NOW: Creative Writing Prompt: Write a descriptive paragraph of a scene that makes the reader feel sad

ACTIVITY ONE: Going over the DO NOW
1. Have students group share their response (1m 30s)
2. Have students underline their 3 BEST sentences (30s)
3. Class share, get 5-7 responses (3-5m)

ACTIVITY TWO: Matching picture and description / poem
1. Hand out several pictures to each group of students
2. Have students look at the pictures and write down some general emotions or feelings that picture makes them feel (3 m)
3. Class share (3 m)
4. Hand out poems and descriptions
5. Give students 3 minutes of silent reading. Their job is to match what poem or description goes with each picture. Students have to write an explanation of why they made their choice (7m)
6. Class share (5 m)

ACTIVITY THREE: Finding your own pictures
1. Hand out a poem to the the students
2. Read the poem out loud three times (like always)
3. Have students pick out the lines that really grab their attention
4. Give students time to figure out the message of the poem
5. Class share
6. Let students know that their task is to now look through their bags, the classroom maybe even the hallways...they need to find several pictures that represent the poem the best. (15 m)
7. Students must write an explanation of why their photograph(s) represent the poem best

ACTIVITY FOUR: class share
1. Students will load the images from their cameras onto their computer and share with their group
2. Students will also share their images and explanation with the class

WRAPUP: Have students answer the following question: Where can beauty and wonder be found? Also, hand out 2 poems or descriptions to the students for homework

HW: Have students produce pictures and explanations for the poems AND create a description of their own accompanied by a pictures
Materials: Wildlife, Point and Shoot, Yearbook, Digital SLR, Sports, Short Throw Projectors, Networked Projectors, Portable, Flash/USB Drives, Memory Cards, Cables, Reading, Literacy, Writing