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Wheel of Fortune for Students with Multiple Disabilities

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Keywords: autism special needs game learning reading literacy technology
Subject(s): Autism, Special Needs, Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts, Spelling, Grammar
Grades 6 through 12
School: Bucyrus High School, Bucyrus, OH
Planned By: Nichole Helenthal
Original Author: Nichole Helenthal, Bucyrus
The lessons starts by using a mimeo board and having each student use a laptop computer. The teacher will project the gameboard on the screen and have the students spin a wheel in the classroom with different rewards and prizes on the wheel. Each student will record what they win on the laptop as the game proceeds.

Then each student will have a chance to spin and pick a letter or buy a vowel - just as in the game on television. The students have to do the math themselves with a calcuator when adding and subtracting their winnings.

The categories can be anything that you are currently working on. Therefore, it can be adapted to fit any lesson.

All of the computers would be interacting with the mimeo board at the same time and enable the entire class to work together. It's imperative that each student have access to a laptop to enable this to work the right way. They will each have a voice this way and be included. My students know that they are different and this is a way to make them feel like their atypical peers.

The winning person for each game is marked down and gets five classroom dollars to spend at a later point.
This is a great activity/lesson for students with multiple disabilities as they can all join and participate to their fullest extent. This means the world to them.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This could be used across all subjects in the classroom and make a great closing activity after a lesson for any subject.
It's also possible to play a "Jeopardy" style game with the same type of effects for the students.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Hard Drives, English/Language Arts, Office Suite, Art Tools, Podcasting, Inspiration, Video Tools, Integrating Technology, Autism, Cause and Effect, Switch Software