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Keywords: Reading skills, Book Promoting, Library Circulation, Writing skills.
Subject(s): Speech and Language, Grammar, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Information Skills, Reading, Writing, Technology, Video, Art
Grades K through 5
School: Forest Pines Drive Elementary, Raleigh, NC
Planned By: Angela Dunn
Original Author: Angela Andersen, Raleigh
1. Students will create excitement and promote reading by advertising their favorite books through commercials.
2. Students will improve their reading and writing skills by using the retelling, summarizing, comparing and contrasting, and evaluation skills that they have learned in their reading classes.
3. Students will increase the number books they read and their library circulation by making a commercial and watching other student's commercials.

The school librarian will teach students how to write the commercials and submit them for consideration for the Sly Book Channel. Outlines for the students to use to write the commercials will be made for the different grade levels. They can also draw pictures to accompany the commercial. Once the commercial is written and submitted for approval then the student will be able to record their commercial. Students will either use a Flip-camcorder or a webcam to record their commercial. We will save the commercials on USB Flash drives.
Students will be taught in the computer lab how to use webcams and movie editing software. Younger students will be assisted by the Media Center Staff. The commercials will air on the morning announcements and be available to students from the website so that they watch them and find out about good books. It is our hope that this will get students excited about reading and writing and promoting books that they read to other students.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
We could also this for plays, videoconferencing with other schools and for classroom research projects.
Keep a check on the views of the commercials on the website and see how the circulation statistics change after we start the program.
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Camera Bags, Microphones, Flip Video
Other Items: 5 Logitech Webcam C200, $35.00 each, total of $175.00
5 16 GB USB Flashdrives, $40.00 each, total of $200.00
2 Flip-Cam, $150.00 for 2 each