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Our Brand of Segregation - West Texas

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Keywords: oral history, Black History
Subject(s): Geography, Social Studies, Civics, History
Grades 6 through 12
School: A.T.E.M.S., Abilene, TX
Planned By: Jennifer Yates
Original Author: Jennifer Yates, Abilene
1. Students are introduced to segregation practices in the United States. Students use internet resources to find and identify segregation practices in different regions of the United States.

2. Student present their findings via powerpoint presentations to the entire class.

3. Student use community resources to locate and interview African Americans who experienced segration in their hometown. Resources might include churches, recreation centers, local members of city government, etc. You will find that these people would be more than glad to help identify aging community members that want to relate their experiences.
4. Students then present their interviews to the school during a designated celebration of Black History Month.

5. Oral histories can be archived at the University of Texas El Paso. Use this link to contact the University. http://academics.utep.edu/Default.aspx?alias=academics.utep.edu/oralhistory Contact Kristine Navarro


Optimally, video recorders would be used by students to record these oral histories. Many students have this capability on their cell phones! Additionally, Flip cameras, digial voice recorders, or old cassette recorders could be used.
I have done oral history projects in the past and found that the students enjoyed the relationships they developed with the older people they interviewed. Many students interviewed family members and members of their church.
Important oral histories should be archived. UTEP provides this needed service.
Materials: Flip Video