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Advertise a State Vacation

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Keywords: united states, commercial, video making, publishing, brochure
Subject(s): Information Skills, Geography, Technology, Video, Social Studies
Grades 5 through 7
School: A.S. Faust Intermediate Elementary School, East Rutherford, NJ
Planned By: Rebecca Hersh
Original Author: Rebecca Hersh, East Rutherford
Grade: 6 Class: Computers Estimated Time: 5 periods

Topic: State Vacation Publisher & Video Editing

Objectives: Students will be able to use internet research, Microsoft Publisher, and video tools to create advertising materials for one of the 50 states.

Standards (2009): 8.1.8.A.1, 8.1.8.A.5

Cross-Content Connections:
Language Arts
Social Studies

Microsoft Publisher
Video Camera
Windows MovieMaker

1. Each student will receive a state to research.
2. Students will create a brochure to convince people to vacation in their state.
a. Brochures will be created in Microsoft Publisher and include the following information:
i. Statistics on the state
ii. State history
iii. Famous / interesting sites
b. Students will enhance their brochures with pictures, colors, etc.
3. Students will write a brief script for a commercial to entice people to visit their state.
1. Students will videotape their commercials and add effects.

Closure / Assessment:
Day 1: Name one search tip to quickly find information.
Day 2: What is one positive and one negative feature of Microsoft Publisher?
Day 3: What makes a brochure appealing?
Day 4: What are the steps to creating a good video?

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
I teach this in my computer arts class and it ties in nicely with students' social studies work. Alternatively, students could do this same activity with a foreign country instead of a state. This would allow them to even use foreign language resources if applicable.
Students can write diary entries as if they were taking part in their fictional vacation.
Links: 50 States
Materials: Computer Accessories, Camera/Video Accessories, Printers, Video Tools, Video Cameras, Mobile Labs, Office Suite