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shared reading book trailer creation

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Keywords: book trailers, Language Arts, Reading
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades 6 through 8
School: Trafford Middle School, Trafford, PA
Planned By: Brandy Lockwood
Original Author: Brandy Lockwood, Trafford
Reading a Book in a Day and Creating Book Trailers from Shared Reading…

**This lesson plan by Brandy Lockwood was adapted from original lesson plan Submitted by: Kate Berhow, Endorsed by: Don Descy, Mankato State University, Date: May 8, 1998** This original lesson plan did not include the creation of book trailers, but instead had students create pictures of portions of a story.

Grade Level: 7 Subject(s): Language Arts/Literature

Rationale/Description: I wish for the time to allow students to be exposed to the multitude of fabulous books that are currently available, but this is not always possible. By working within a leveled literature circle group to “read a book a day” and complete a video “book trailer” students will not only be introduced to many more books over the course of the year, but will be encouraged to use previously-taught skills to analyze & respond to literary works of different genre in a way that allows for students to utilize new technology.

Procedure: To be completed at least 4 times per year—Or as often as time allows
Our district uses 4-Sight testing quarterly so that we are able to see how students would perform on the PSSA test at each quarter of the year. Student reading levels are determined by the outcome of test.

1. Teacher will study 4-sight scores and split class into literature circle groups based on reading level. Groups will vary from class to class and from 4-sight to 4-sight. The groups should be fluid and changing on a regular basis.

2. Choose one or more high interest books on similar topics (to be determined by class vote).

3. Look at the total length of the book as well as the length of individual chapters, and then assign each individual in each group a section of the book to read and respond to in a writing log over a 1 to 2-day period.

4. After reading his or her segment, each member will write a short description of his or her section of the book from personal reading logs, then tape a 1-2 minute video segment using an I-Flip video recorder. Segments will be cut together to create a “book trailer” of each book. Students may include sound clips, music, or any other additional effects to enhance the final product. Final book trailers should be limited to 3-4 minutes and should include all important information as determined in previous instruction.

5. “Book Trailers” will be viewed by the class and stored in a digital folder, and will be posted to teacher web-site to be viewed by parents.

6. Students will complete reviews of the “book trailers” and will respond in writing to each project—creating plot lines.

7. Students will critique personal “public speaking” skills over the course of the year, and will set personal goals to increase these skills.

Goal: Students will collaborate to create a cumulative project outlining the setting & characters as described in the exposition of a book, describing important events in the story line, and sharing the climax (or turning point) & resolution of the story. Each student should feel as if he/she read each book by viewing the book trailers.

1. Each student will be able to list the main characters from the book, describe the overall theme, setting and plot of the book.
2. Students should gain more advanced public speaking skills as the year goes on.
Materials: Flip Video, Flash/USB Drives
Other Items: 2 Flip Video Cameras (buy one get one free), $150.00 each, total of $300.00