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Biography Report - Learning Microsoft Word

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Keywords: autobiography, microsoft word, word processing
Subject(s): Technology, Writing, English/Language Arts
Grades 5 through 7
School: A.S. Faust Intermediate Elementary School, East Rutherford, NJ
Planned By: Rebecca Hersh
Original Author: Rebecca Hersh, East Rutherford
Grade: 6

Class: Computers

Topic: Biography in MS Word

Time: 5 periods

Objective: Students will be able to utilize basic features of Microsoft Word to create a report that showcases who they are as individuals.

1. Each day, the teacher will give a mini-lesson on some key features of Microsoft Word.

2. Students will use Microsoft Word to create a multi-part biography report
a. Essay about themselves
b. Table with favorite things
c. Graphic organizer with words to describe themselves
d. ClipArt collage
3. Students will take a self-portrait using a digital camera.
a. Students will edit their photograph to add a caption, costume, or other
fun effect.
b. Students will use their edited picture as their cover.

Closure / Assessment:
Students will answer the following: What other projects might you create using Microsoft Word?
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students can also do this project about a famous person for use with Social Studies materials.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Computer Accessories, Writing, Office Suite, Word Processor