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Keywords: broadcast news, community service, helping others
Subject(s): Spelling, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Reading, Music, Writing, Life Science, Podcasting, Geography, Video, Art, Grammar, Science, Civics, History
Grades 3 through 12
School: Newhall Elem School, Newhall, CA
Planned By: Brenda Keller
Original Author: Brenda Keller, Newhall
After reading 14 Cows for America and watching the waterbuffalo video on the internet brainstorm with the students what these two stories have in common. They both deal with helping others. Look in the news or community for a story about people needing help. We used the earthquake in Haiti.

The students then research disaster relief organizations and the area that needs help. They can also research how news is broadcast and what broadcasters do. In small groups, the students write a news broadcast with the "breaking news". Some in the group can do weather or other related stories. One group can put together a power point that plays behind the students being filmed (with maps, landmarks, etc). Using 2 Flip cameras, the students present their broadcast. The students take turns running the cameras. The videos are then sent to other classrooms, parents, or other interested people.
Materials: English/Language Arts, Flash/USB Drives, Headsets, CDs and DVDs, Memory Cards, Batteries, Tripods, Printers, Video Tools, Elementary, Digital Voice Recorders, Digital Cameras, Flip Video, Video Cameras, Mobile Labs, Whiteboards, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Middle, High, Books, Word Processor, Podcasting, Keyboarding, Prof. Dev. Workshops