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Fit or Fat?

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Keywords: exercise, diet, Health, Science, Math
Subject(s): Science, Health and PE, Math
Grades 6 through 8
School: Whitney M Young Middle School, Cleveland, OH
Planned By: Lucy Komichak
Original Author: Lucy Komichak, Cleveland
One in every three children in America is overweight. One-third of the children born in the year 2000 or later will suffer with diabetes and face health problems like heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and asthma. This will impact the future of the world. We need to empower parents and children with correct information. The idea is to make healthy food choices and follow a healthy eating plan.

We will be involved in various lessons and activities.
Lesson 1 will deal with healthy hand washing, bacteria and germs.
Lesson 2 will introduce the Food Pyramid (MyPyramid.gov - the new one). Various activities will teach the children about the food categories and how to plan a healthy eating plan.
Lesson 3 will deal with keeping a week long food diary. Students will track calories and fat count. Discussion will take place about diseases.
Lesson 4 will compare the students' fat intakes. They will chart results and discuss ways to curb fat intake.
Lesson 5 will share our results with children around the world via email (MyPenpal.com)
Lesson 6 will deal with creating our own healthy snacks.
Lesson 7 will create a lunch menu in collaboration with the lunch staff at the school. A suggested new menu will be given to the principal.
Lesson 8 will deal with exercise. We will work with the physical education teacher to customize exercise plans for each student. We will implement some of the activity into our daily routine.
Final lesson - we will participate in a school Health Fair. Students will collaborate to make healthy snacks for other students to try.
In our poverty stricken urban setting, it is very difficult for children to stay updated technologically. All materials would update the curriculum to the 21st century for underprivileged children. They would be most grateful.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
I also bring Literacy and mathematics into my Science and Health curriculum. It is important for the students to be able to express themselves orally and in written language.
Students will participate in outdoor - field trip activities that involve health and fitness. Our job will be to get the children out of their chairs and become more active.
Links: http://www.penpals.com
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