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Understanding Idioms

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Keywords: Idioms, technology, ENGLISH
Subject(s): English/Language Arts
Grades 6 through 8
School: Midlothian Middle School, Midlothian, VA
Planned By: Sharon Gilmore
Original Author: Sharon Gilmore, Midlothian

Each student draws from a bag a commonly used idiom. Research is done to discover the origin of the idiom. Students work in pairs or small groups to plan a literal representation of each idiom.

These staged interpretations will be photographed using a digital camera. Props and drawings may be used, and students are encouraged to include at least one classmate in each literal interpretation.

Creativity is essential in these literal interpretations. Once the photographs are taken, students important them into a document that has the idiom in large font at the top, the photo enlarged in the center, and an original explanation of the figurative meaning at the bottom.

Each student gives an oral presentation of his or her idiom. The presentation includes the origin of the idiom, and the finished document with the literal interpretation in the photograph, and the figurative interpretation in a written explanation.

Idioms Project

Understanding of idiom
10 pts. each

• Clever literal interpretation
Use classmates, props, and/or drawings to illustrate the exact translation of the idiom

• Original explanation of idiom
Write an original explanation of the figurative definition of the idiom

Use of Microsoft Word
5 pts. each

• Landscape orientation
• Size 36 or larger, bold, font, centered—idiom
• Size 24 or larger, different font, centered—explanation
• Name right justified
• Photo resized to take up as much space as possible
• Top, bottom, left and right margins changed to maximize use of space

50 Final Grade
Materials: Point and Shoot, Word Processor, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives