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Planets for Sale

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Keywords: Video, Planets, SCIENCE, Solar System
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Podcasting, Science
Grade 3
School: Arnold Tyler Elementary School, New Lenox, IL
Planned By: Linda Haring
Original Author: Linda Haring, New Lenox
Day 1 - Students select a planet in our solar system that they would like to study.
Students are given access to library materials on the different planets in the solar system. They are provided with a packet to fill out to guide them on information to find. This is necessary since this is the first time students have had to conduct research.

Day 2 - Students spend an hour in the computer lab searching for information online about their planet to complete their packet. They will also learn how to interpret data that may contradict data they have already found about a subject. (Note: Packets are also used for an at home project after the commercials are made and shot.)

Day 3 - Students are placed in teams of 3 or 4 depending on the planet that they chose to write their commercial. The commercial is required to have the following elements:
- A poster with the planet name, cost, and an contact information where to "buy" the planet.
- A minimum of 5 interesting facts about the planet.
- All members of the group must participate.
Students will have time to practice the commercial in their groups and time themselves.

Day 4 - Students practice with their groups then record their commercials.

Day 5 - Commercials are uploaded into iMovie and podcasted to our class website for their parents and families to enjoy.
This project is usually completed about a month into the school year. For almost all the students it is the first time they are trusted to use technology without the teacher running it all.
This is the students first experience with making a project and recording it. They are given the opportunity to develop other class projects to record for our class website.
Links: NASA
The Nine Planets
Materials: Flip Video, Camera Bags, Elementary
Other Items: 2 Stopwatches, $12.95 each, total of $25.90