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Creating a Commercial

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Keywords: Video, Commercial, Music
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Writing, Music, Drama
Grades 9 through 12
School: St Marys Area High School, Saint Marys, PA
Planned By: Adam Brooks
Original Author: Adam Brooks, Saint Marys
Preknowledge: Students are very proficient at a band instrument. They have also studied music editing software and are familiar with Sibelius or other music notation software.


1. Students watch a variety of current and popular television commercials.
2. Questions: How did the music affect the commercial? Was the music popular music, classical, or another type? How did the music affect you as a consumer? Could the advertisers picked other music to make the commercial just as marketable?
3. Students will take their work home and research commercials in their own daily television time.
4. In groups of 3-4 students come up with a product and music that can be used in a commercial for that product.
5. Students will make a creative plot line and create their own music to aid in the commercial advertising.
6. Using current video recording devices, students will record their commercial (15 sec. minimum)

Assessment: Students will be assessed on the quality of their recording and choice of music and product. The commercial should make sense and be appealing to a general audience. 20 points for music, 20 points, for creativeness, and 20 points for overall video quality.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students could create a historical product marketed towards the general population of a specific time period (History)
Students could create a commercial for a historical figure (History, Math, Social Studies, etc.)
Students could create a commercial for a specific sport (Physical Education)
Students could also create artwork or backgrounds either for the recording or on a computer (Art)
When students are comfortable using the cameras and creating a commercial, they can eventual create their own music video.
Materials: Flip Video, Microphones, Televisions, Tripods, Office Suite, Video Tools, Music, Integrating Technology
Other Items: 2 Shure M57 Voice/Instrument Microphones, $99.00 each, total of $198.00
2 Microphone Boom Mic Stand, $39.00 each, total of $78.00
1 Computer with specific media editing software, $1,000.00 each