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Guías de la escuela-School guides

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Keywords: flip tour spanish
Subject(s): Foreign Language
Grades 9 through 12
School: VirtualSC, Columbia, SC
Planned By: Trixi DeRosa-Davis
Original Author: Trixi DeRosa-Davis, Duncan
Objective: Students will create virtual tours of the school in Spanish.
Essential Question: How do you give directions and talk about school in Spanish?

Flip cameras

1.Working in partners students are going to script a tour of a portion of our school.
2. Students will use their vocabulary on classrooms and school to script a tour.
3. Students will map out their tour as well as script their tour.
4. Students will then use the flip camcorders to record their tour.
5. Students will then record the audio portion of their tour.
6. Using windows movie maker the students will add the audio to their tours.
7. Videos can be posted to the school website and/or shown to Spanish speaking students.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
These could be done in English & Spanish for more use.
These could be sent to the middle school for students to see prior to coming to the high school.
Materials: Foreign Language, Headsets, Keyboards, Flip Video