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Keywords: video viewing, internet research, ENGLISH
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Information Skills, Reading, Writing, History
Grades 6 through 12
School: STAR Academic Center, Tucson, AZ
Planned By: Anna Rodgers
Original Author: Anna Rodgers, Tucson
This class was set up for six four-hour blocks on Fridays.

1st-- I presented a powerpoint re: the elements of literature: character, conflict, setting, and point of view. Students took notes.
The first topic was "Women Warriors".
We watched Disney's MULAN, to be able to list items related to the above elements. Afterwards, students used the internet to find historical facts re the time of Mulan, and they also read about Joan of Arc in order to list information related to the same for her story and times.

2nd--Our topic was "Boys Raised by Animals". Students were directed to create a chart listing the believable and unbelievable as they watched Disney's PECOS BILL, TARZAN, and JUNGLE BOOK. After these listings, they judged which elements of literature were the most unbelievable for each video. Then, they also created a comparison and contrast chart among the videos using their notes.

3rd--Students researched to create timelines in US history re: baseball, logging, and railroads. The topic was "Amazing Workmen". The films were Disney's CASEY AT BAT, PAUL BUNYAN, and JOHN HENRY. Afterwards, students checked their timelines for the inclusion of various setting components in particular, and used the internet to aid in verifications of their facts.

4th--"Legendary Places was our next topic. Students researched archaelogical discoveries in our county,the differenc between archaelogists and explorers; and the legend of Atlantis. Disney's ATLANTIS THE LOST EMPIRE was viewed.

5th--"Legendary Eras" sent the students to research the Great Depression and the 50's for similarities and differences between then and now with consideration again of the literary elements. Notes were taken as we viewed Disney's DENNIS THE MENACE and also LITTLE RASCALS. Some questions came up and after the movies, these were researched for authenticity.

6th--We had a shortened schedule on this day, and so we viewed SECONDHAND LIONS, which definitely can be considered a modern-day legend, with a surprise twist at the end! We still managed to pause and discuss our various elements as we watched.
Materials: Projectors, Mobile Labs, Projector Screens, DVD/VCR Players, CDs and DVDs, Printers, Cables, Power, Keyboards, Headsets, LCD Monitors, Mice, Office Suite