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Musical Math

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Keywords: musical math game
Subject(s): Math
Grades 2 through 5
School: Indian Trail Elementary School, La Porte, IN
Planned By: Debra Ohimne
Original Author: Debra Ohimne, La Porte
You need to buy a pack of index cards (enough so each student has one on desk). As a teacher you write out a math probem on each of the index cards. The problems you use need to meet with whatever you're teaching or reviewing at the time. You place each of the cards face down on the desk so the problem isn't visible until the student goes to that desk. Then you have each child number their paper and attach it to a clip board and get a pencil. You turn on some fun music and the children move around the room until the music stops. When the music stops wherever the students stops he/she turns over the card and works the math problem on his paper. Each time you turn the music off the student must stop at a different desk and work out the math problem at that desk. You continue the musical math for 15-25 minutes. Its a great lesson for review and to motivate children.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
You could use this same concept and use any part of your curriculum and write out questions.
You could number cards and have kids number their papers accordingly. Then you could pick up the papers and have people or yourself remediate students that are having problems on certain concepts.
Materials: CDs and DVDs, Elementary, Early Learning
Other Items: 1 Fun musical CDs, $10.00 each, total of $10.00
1 Index cards, $5.00 each, total of $5.00
1 CD player, $60.00 each, total of $60.00