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Ancient Wonders of the World

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Keywords: Ancient Wonders
Subject(s): No
Grade P-K
School: McHenry Middle School, McHenry, IL
Planned By: Nora Apostolopoulos
Original Author: Nora Apostolopoulos, McHenry
1. Using a worksheet as our guide, students will begin by answering the question: What makes a "wonder of the world" so wonderous? This quesiton will also be posted on the Smart Board. Students will be invited to the Smart Board to write their answers. Discussion as a large group.

2. Next, students will be asked to name Ancient Wonders. This question will be posted on the Smart Board. Students will be invited to come up to the Smart Board to write their answers.

3. Using a worksheet as their guide, students will work in small groups to unscramble the names of Ancient Wonders. This portion of the worksheet will be recreated on Smart Notebook with an interactive feature. Students will have all of the accurate words at the top of the Smart Notebook page. They will be invited to come up and drag the correctly spelled word to the unscrambled counterpart.

4. Teacher will show pictures using Smart Notebook of the 7 Ancient Wonders.

5. Students will then be asked to complete a matching activity on their worksheet, in their small group, They will see a picture of the Ancient Wonder and will have to label by name.

6. Teacher has recreated that identical section of the worksheet using Smart Notebook software. Students will be invited to come up and move the pictures and labels around to correctly match all 7 pictures with the correct name.

7. Teacher will have students read through facts about each Ancient Wonder on their worksheet. Teacher will create an interactive activity on Smart Notebook that will show facts about various wonders. Students will also see the name of all 7 Ancient Wonders at the top of the page. They will be invited to come up to the Smart Board and drag the correct name of the Ancient Wonder to the fact that describes it's history.

This lesson provides activities that will teach to the mulitple intelligences. Students with special learning needs will also feel more confident to become part of the classroom experience using interactive technologies.

I am also a very firm believer in teaching students how to operate the Smart Notebook software. This includes erasing errors and moving through the slides. Students are empowered 21st century learners!
Materials: Whiteboards