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Flip Camera Lesson: Louisiana Animal Adaptations

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Keywords: science, Animal Adaptations, flip camera
Subject(s): Science, Writing
Grades 3 through 4
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Lori Porter
Original Author: Lori Porter, Erath
Flip Camera Lesson: Louisiana Animal Adaptations (Can be adapted to any state/area)

Goal: Students will research, write about and then make a video about their findings.

Step One: Choose a Louisiana Animal from the list below: *Other states can include animals in their area.

•Monarch Butterfly
•Black-crowned night heron
•Blue Heron
•Brown Pelican

Student Section: (See attached MS Word Document below)

Step Two: Use any safe, child friendly internet site and research your animal to find five adaptations of your animal and how these adaptations help the animal survive.

Adaptation How it helps the animal survive?

Step Three: Write a commercial to advertise your animal. Make sure you include all five adaptations in your commercial. Your opening sentence should get the listener’s attention. Your conclusion sentence should leave the listener with something to think about. Altogether you should have SEVEN SENTENCES.

Step Four: Practice your commercial and try to memorize what you are going to say. When you are ready, get the flip camera and video your commercial. Make sure you speak clearly when you video.

Student Checklist:

Student Grade (five points each)

•My research has five adaptations.
•Research has five adaptations.
•My paragraph has seven sentences.
•Paragraph has seven sentences.
•My adaptations for my animal are correctly stated.
•Adaptations are correctly stated.
•My paragraph has correct capitalization and punctuation.
•Capitalization and punctuation is correct.
•I spoke clearly for the commercial.
•Spoke clearly for commercial.
Once downloaded, the teacher can delete the word "Louisiana" and type in their own state. They can also delete the listed animals and put some in their area.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Writing and Science
Links: Blackline for student expectations (Students will record information on this sheet)
Materials: Flip Video, Mobile Labs