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Poverty Point Native Americans

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Keywords: Native Americans, Indians, Poverty Point
Subject(s): Grammar, Spelling, Social Studies, Writing, Geography, History
Grades 2 through 3
School: Erath Middle School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Melanie Alleman
Original Author: Melanie Alleman, Erath
Goal: Students will learn about Poverty Point Native Americans in Louisiana and the landmark that still stands today.

Duration -5-7 Days - 45 minutes daily

1. HOTS Questions: Who are the Poverty Point Indians? Does the tribe still exist? Explain your answer.

2. Grade Level Expectations

•Interpret a diagram
•Describe basic characteristics of maps and globes SS.2.1.4: Identify geographical features in the local region
•Identify similarities and differences in communities over time
•Identify sources where historical information can be found and how that information can be used
•Locate general areas on maps and globes referenced in historical stories and legends
•Locate information using the organizational features of texts, including: ;URL addresses from the Web ;title pages ;glossaries ;indices ;tables of contents, chapter headings
•Gather and arrange information in a variety organizational forms, including graphic organizers, simple outlines, notes, and summaries
•Use technology to publish a variety of works, including simple research reports and book summaries
•Tell and write about the sources of learned information

3. Activities:

Day 1 and Day 2

a. Whole Class -Show Epps, Louisiana on a map of the state.

b. Do a KWL Chart (What do they know about Poverty Point in Louisiana? What do they want to know about the Poverty Point people?

c. Poverty Point Power Point Introduction Lesson and discuss facts.

d. Show the Discovery Learning Clip (Streaming Video) NOTE: Account Needed to log in and view. Sign in. In the search type in "Louisiana Indians".

Days 3-4-5 (Possibly Days 6 and 7 if needed)

4. Group Rotation Centers - (Includes a teacher directed activity, Seat work and computer centers). Teacher can choose centers listed below according the number of centers she needs.

a. Center 1: Computer Center: (Teacher will choose what students are expected to complete)

•Poverty Point Online Story & Quiz (Listed below)
•Louisiana Indian Story & Online Quiz 3 (Listed below)
•The teacher will bookmark safe sites on Poverty Point Native Americans in Louisiana for the students to research information about them. Louisiana Indian Site for Kids is listed below.

b. Guided Reading Center "Poverty Point” Printable Book" or (PDF File Book) Printable MS Word version that isn't in book form.(PDF) (All can be found on link below)

c. Organization Center - Graphic Organizer Webbing - Students will place "Poverty Point Facts" in the center and write facts about what they learned about this Louisiana group. (Graphic Organizer Link listed under comments)

d. Students will write a paragraph Poverty Point Native Americans and the landmark in Epps, Louisiana.

e. Book Center: Place books about Native Americans for the students to read with buddies.

f. Art : On the "Making Friends" website, there are links for Native American Paper Dolls. The students can print and decorate dolls for themselves and name their paper doll (with an Indian name.) See link under the comment section.

g. Have students film each other with flip cameras reading (or discussing facts about Poverty Point facts, people and/or landmark.

6. View the film camera clips or have the students read their reports in from of the class.

7. Evaluation: Teacher Observation, Writing, Computer printouts, Art work or other activities the students are expected to complete.
Making Friends.com Native American Dolls can be printed for Art Work: http://www.makingfriends.com/friends/f+native_american.htm

You can find webbing graphic organizers @ this site http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/graphorgan
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Writing, Social Studies, Reading
Depending on location in the state, a field trip could be taken to Epps, Louisiana. (Poverty Point Mounds, Museum, etc.)
Links: Louisiana Indians for Kids Website (Different Tribes)
Guided Reading Printable Book or handout to choose from
Introduction PowerPoint Lesson (To begin discussion)
Interactive Louisiana Story and Quiz
Interactive Poverty Point Story and Quiz (Computer Centers)
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Portable, Projectors, Mobile Labs, Whiteboards, Writing