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Plant a Pizza

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Keywords: garden, growing, plants, Science
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Life Science, Writing, Science, Journalism, Math
Grades P-K through 8
School: St Matthew Parish School, Akron, OH
Planned By: Monica Denowski
Original Author: Monica Denowski, Akron
The students will create a school pizza garden. Each class from Pre-K to Grade 8 will be responsible to till their section of the garden,and will plant seeds and crops such as tomatoes, garlic, oregano, basil, and green peppers. The students will record their experiences in a journal. The students will measure the height of each plant daily and will record their results on a class growth chart. The students will water and weed their garden, taking special care over the summer vacation months to make sure it is maintained properly. Flip cameras will be used to document the entire growing process. Videos will be added to the school website so the students will be able to see how their garden is growing over the summer. When the students return in September, the entire school will celebrate their harvest by creating homemade pizza using the ingredients raised in their garden.
We are excited to begin this new school-wide project. We expect to get our families and local farmers involved as well.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students will be writing and creating video diaries of their class experiences. Students will measure the height of their plants daily and will record their data on a class growth chart. In health, the students will learn about healthy pizza eating.
The school will celebrate their hard work by harvesting their crops and creating homemade pizza.
Materials: Flip Video
Other Items: 10 Flip Video Cameras, $149.00 each, total of $1490.00