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What is it... A Frog or a Toad?

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Keywords: writing, toad, frog
Subject(s): Grammar, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Writing, Life Science, Science
Grades 1 through 3
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Sadie Suire
Original Author: Sadie Suire, Erath
Lesson Purpose: Comparing Frogs and Toads (Can be used for science lessons or for any “Frog and Toad” Series book.)

Needed: Internet Access for research, computers (lab is better), flip camera, still camera, printer


Researching and stating factual information
Using graphic organizers
Writing: Edit Proofread, Capitliazation and Punctuation

One week (30-40 minutes a day)

1.Building background: The teacher will share links of real facts comparing frogs and toads.

2. Using a T-Chart, the teacher and/or students will record factual information about frogs and toads.

3. After all information is recorded, the teacher and/or students will use a Venn Diagram (see templates or interactives) listed on Mrs. Sadie Suire’s Frog/Toad Site to see which facts are similar and which are different.

4. Once the Venn Diagram is complete, discuss and focus on the similar and different aspects of frogs and toads.

5. The next step will involve the students completing a Four Square writing template (See templates on Mrs. Sadie Suire’s Frog/Toad Site.) Blacklines, an interactive and templates for students to type in are all available.

6. Once the students have completed their Four Square Writing Template, they will begin their rough draft story comparing frogs and toads.

7. Students will proofread, edit story and then type their final copy.

8. The teacher or students will take pictures of each student holding real photos of a frog and a toad to insert in their story document, in their blog or on the website.

9. Students will bring their story home to practice reading. The final day will include the teacher filming the students presenting their findings with a flip camera.

10. Share video with frog and toad facts to the class. Display typed stories for other students to read.

Assessment: Writing Rubric
Share video segments with other students learning about frogs and toads.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Writing, Science
Optional: Have the students work in cooperative groups and write and perform segments on the differences between frogs and toads.
Links: Mrs. Sadie Suire’s Frog/Toad Site
Materials: Projector Screens, Portable, Point and Shoot, Flip Video, Whiteboards, Hard Drives, Printers