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Let’s Focus on Idioms

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Keywords: Idioms, interactives
Subject(s): Grammar, English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing
Grades 3 through 8
School: Erath Middle School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Melanie Alleman
Original Author: Melanie Alleman, Erath
Let’s Focus on Idioms Lesson


•{LA.3.1.9} Identify literary devices, including idioms and personification
•{LA.3.4.44} Assume the role of discussion leader, contributor, and active listen
•{LA.3.4.41} Clarify and enhance oral presentations through the use of appropriate props (e.g., objects, pictures, charts)

Learning Objectives

•TLW identify idioms and their meanings;
•TLW use the internet to gain information about idioms;
•TLW create powerpoint presentation about idiom and present to class


•The teacher will use idioms while speaking about a particular topic. •Example: show cats & dogs falling from the sky. (It is raining cats and dogs).

•She will then ask the students what ideas could really happen and which could not.

•Using a powerpoint presentation, the teacher will show slides of the literal meanings of idioms and have students guess what the idioms are.


•PowerPoint, flip chart or other presentation on idioms.
•The teacher will provide a hot list. (See Vermilion Parish Idiom Link listed at the bottom of this page for the hotlist)
•Computers or mobile lab
•PowerPoint Software


•The students will use the internet, a hotlist provided by the teacher, a sketch pad, and powerpoint software.
•Show the www.idiom.com site to the students.
•After a discussion of idioms by the teacher, the students will work in groups to get familiar with idioms using the hot list provided by the teacher.
•After they have chosen their favorite idiom, they will sketch on paper the illustration of the idiom.
•The students will create a powerpoint of the illustration.
•This will be presented to the class and the class will have to guess which idiom it is. The real meaning of the idiom will be discussed with the class.
•For those who complete their work quickly, the students may go to the ReadWriteThink Idiom site or one on the Vermilion Parish Idiom Site. (Both listed below)

Assessment of idioms (lower grades)

•The idiom must match the illustration and the students must be able to discuss the real meaning of the idiom and how it is used in everyday life.
•The students will be divided into groups. There will be a researcher, a sketcher, a writer, and a person who creates the powerpoint. They will all take part in the presentation and discussion of the idiom.
Extension activities
•Create language arts activities that extend the learning objectives.
•Each student could create another idiom on construction paper or the computer and a class book could be created.
•See the Vermilion Parish Idiom site for PowerPoint Templates, Interactives and more.
Note: Though written by a 3rd grade teacher, the Vermilion Parish Idiom link is used for grades 3-8. Middle school teachers might find helpful sites.
Links: More Idiom Interactives
Eye on Idioms (ReadWriteThink Site)
Idiom.com site
Vermilion Parish Idiom site
Jog the Web Idioms
Materials: Projector Screens, Portable, Mobile Labs, Whiteboards, Printers