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Symmetrical Shapes

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Keywords: symmetrical shapes
Subject(s): Math
Grade K
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Claudell S. Thibodeaux
Original Author: Claudell S. Thibodeaux, Erath
Symmetrical shapes

Learning Objectives:
-identify shapes that are symmetrical -create symmetrical shapes

-Kidworks Deluxe program or KidPix (any version)

-Computers *with internet
-Projector for whole group instruction


-Share Symmetry Video

-Share Symmetry Links using whiteboard

-Teacher should model how to create a symmetrical shape using Kidworks Deluxe with students.
-Also review the use of the mouse and the correct procedures when
working on the computer.


-Each student would create and print a symmetrical shape using Kidsworks Deluxe or KidPix (any version). Teacher will assess whether the child has mastered understanding the skill.

Comment: Tux Paint (Free drawing program could be used if no software is available.)

Students can find objects around the school or outside that show symmetical shapes (tiles on floor, etc.) and take photosgraphs with a still camera or they can flim using a flip cam.
Free Program Tux Paint http://www.tuxpaint.org/features/
Links: Teacher Link on symmetry
Scholastic Link on symmetry
Symmetry Game - Ideal for an Interactive Whiteboard or Smartboard Technology
Symmetry Interactives
Symmetry Video
Materials: Point and Shoot, Flip Video, Whiteboards, Hard Drives
Other Items: Kidsworks Deluxe or KidsPix 3 or 4 Software