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Multiplication Live!

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Keywords: multiplication
Subject(s): Math
Grade 3
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Melissa (Terry) Romero
Original Author: Melissa (Terry) Romero, Erath
Multiplication Live!

Grade Level Expectations:

•Number Sentences

Time: One Week


1. Show some clips of Multiplication Rock for the students to understand how the clips showed multiplication using visuals. Discuss and possibly list what they used to show the process.

2. The teacher will introduce writing multiplication sentences and model several.

3. Then the students will write multiplication sentences using food, classroom objects, and toys from home. (peanuts, marshmallows, cereal pieces, toy figures, cars, etc.)

4. Once the student has decided on the number sentence he/she chooses, then they will need to “type” their number sentence on the computer, but DO NOT include the answer. (MS Word, KidPix, KidsWorks Deluxe, Student Writing Center or any other software) Print the problem with NO ANSWER.

5. The student will them place their problem on the board and gather the objects to show his/her multiplication problem. The teacher or another student can take a picture of the student with their items before he/she begins.

6. The student will then go through the process of showing his/her printed problem. Then the student will demonstrate the multiplication problem using his/her objects while another student films using a flip cam) the explanation (or lesson). At the end of the lesson (showing the objects) the student will then "write" the correct answer on the printed copy to complete the lesson.

7. The teacher will show the combined problems as one movie after.

Assessment: Teacher observation of the multiplication concept.
If you don't have computer labs, the teacher can manage the time with the computers she does have.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Math and writing
Make their own "School House Rock" type video.
Links: 3rd Grade Multiplication Links
PowerPoint Flash Card Practice
Vermilion Parish Multiplication Interactive Links/PowerPoints
Multipication Rock Videos (online versions)
4th Grade Multiplication Links
Materials: Short Throw Projectors, Projectors, Wildlife, Digital Cameras, Flip Video, Video Cameras, Mobile Labs, Projector Screens