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Community Helpers in our School and Town

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Keywords: flip camera, community helpers, neighborhood, still digital camera
Subject(s): Social Studies, Reading, Writing
Grades P-K through K
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Ellen H. Hebert
Original Author: Ellen H. Hebert, Erath
This lesson correlates with our Reading Unit on Neighborhood Helpers


{LA.K.1.1.2} demonstrating that a sequence of letters in a word represents the sequence of sounds heard or spoken in that word by repeating or saying the sounds in sequence heard or seen
{LA.K.1.11} Describe the connections between life experiences and texts
{LA.K.2.20} Create compositions by participating in shared writing activities
{LA.K.4.34} Express feelings, needs, and ideas in complete sentences
{LA.K.4.41} Participate in designated roles within classroom activities, such as line leader, teacher helper, and calendar helper
{LA.K.5.42} Use a computer mouse to navigate the screen

Social Studies: Community Helpers

Community Helpers in our School and Town

1.Ask the students who they think are community helpers? Discuss the answers and create a list.

2.Using a t-chart, have the students give the community helper and have what they do. (Example: teachers-teach; doctors help heal; firefighters-fight fires for us.)

3. Show a community helper PowerPoint (See the link for Community Helpers below. Many are available on Pete’s PowerPoints)

4. Explain to the students that the class will go on a school walk through the school and take digital photos (and film with a flip camera) of different school helpers. (Principal, teacher, librarian, custodian, lunchroom person, etc.) Once their return, the teacher will post the photos in a PowerPoint (or flip chart) and the class and teacher will label the pictures with the person’s name and their title.

5. Next would be a town field trip. The students will walk around town with a digital camera and flip camera and do the same as in #4. Take photos of policemen, firefighters, postman, person at the museum donating their time, city workers, Dr. and nurse, baker, store owner, etc.) Take photos of each person (and film).

6. Once the students and teacher return to the classroom, the teacher will insert each photo again. The class will label it together.

7. Now, the teacher will share the completed PowerPoint (with photos and labels) with the class. Discuss what they learned.

8. Then share the video of their school and community helpers.

9. Have the students create “thank you notes” to community helpers and school helpers using Kidpix 3 or Kidsworks Deluxe.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Social Studies-Reading
Links: Community Helper PowerPoints (Many!)
Extra Link on Community Helpers
Enchanted Learning Resources
Kindergarten Interactives (Vermilion Parish)
Economics Interactives (Community Helper Links Included)
Materials: Memory Cards, Batteries, Flash/USB Drives, Point and Shoot, Flip Video, Whiteboards, Office Suite, Word Processor