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Classroom Census (Analyzing Data)

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Keywords: census, graph, collect data, analyze, interpret
Subject(s): Social Studies, Writing
Grades 3 through 5
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Maleigha Viator
Original Author: Maleigha Viator, Erath
Classroom Census (Analyzing Data) Students will complete census for their household, graph data, analyze and interpret it in a paragraph.


Interpreting and analyzing graphs

Creating a Classroom Census

1.You will have the students fill out a student census. (Number in household, parentís jobs, number of children in the house, number of adults.)

2. Then you will divide the students into four groups. Each paper has four sections. Have the students cut each section. Have four places for each section and have the students place each section in the correct pile.

a. Number in Household
b. Jobs
c. Children in House
d. Adults in House

3.Each group will take on topic and graph with Graph Club 2.0, Graph Master or an online interactive graphs. Print final copy of each groupís graph.

4. Analyze each graph as a class.

5. Have the students write and type a paragraph interpreting the data collected with their classroom graphs.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Writing, Social Studies
Links: Census for Kids (Government Link)
Census to print for kids (MS Word)
Census to print for kids (PDF FIle)
2010 Census: For Kids
Graphing Tools Vermilion Parish Schools
Materials: Projectors, Mobile Labs, Portable